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What is pain?

Do you feel broken?
Do you feel sad?
Do you rather want to start crying?
Why do you feel so?
They don't speak to you,
but there is something,
you don't understand.
They whisper together,
you can hear their voices,
but no one comes to you,
and tells you,
what they are thinking.
Can't they feel the pain?
You get away from them.
They all have no idea,
how you feel.
Why don't they see,
that something is missing?
Someone is gone forever.
And won't came back to you.
Now you feel the pain,
and ask god,
why has that happened?

© Sevinja

My Little Girl

Please, don't cry...
No one knows, how you feel,
but I can see it in your eyes.
The tears fell up the glasses.
Now, you look at me,
with this sad blue eyes.
You see me...
At the next moment.
you look away and start to run.
I am shocked,
and want to run behind,
however my legs won't move.
I know what is,
then I can feel your pain,
but I can't help you
and this hurts me, too.
Someday you’ll come to me
and tell me what happened,
Your my little girl that cries so much.
For so much, that went wrong.
I would touch the fire for you,
I would scream for you,
I would fight for you,
I would die for you,
but I know,
your heart would be broken.
I hate the world today,
because you aren't, my little girl.

© Sevinja

Inside the little girl

What happened?
All the people ask me,
but I can’t give the answer.
Can't they go away from me?
I think,
I have to give up a way.
But which way,
Do I have to give up?
I see all the different kind of pupils.
Most of them are happy,
but today I'm not happy.
The little girl inside me,
waits for something?
For something,
but I don't know what it is?
I wait...,
I wait for such a long time.
The little girl is living ,
in my history,
and  in my mind,
however today on the schoolyard,
there stands the great girl.
This girl has to go her own way.
She has to take a look in her future,
and doesn’t have to think about her history.
Her history was bad ,
of course very sad,
and the little girl inside her knows it,
but she hasn't looked every day back,
because it would hurt and break her,… again.
What happened?
I see in the eyes of my friends.
You don't know how I feel at that moment,
I think,
but all I’m saying is:
I'm okay.

© Sevinja